Friday, 4 June 2010

Vote to Kick bumspastics from outerspace? yes please

As I made a post about PuG's this week as Raffles had a surge (three) of 25 man PuGs over the past seven days, keeping in line with that, has a good post this week on the new changes for patch 3.5.5 "vote to kick" option. It appears that the patch is going to change the cooldown and have a more reward style system. So if you are a good patient helpful pug member and don't get kicked/quit regularly you will be rewarded for when those times you have to ragequit by not having a thirty minute debuff. When the vote to kick came in with the random daily heroics, I must admit I was relieved. Steamwheedle Cartel is a resonably mature server, being RP and all, there are less lols and L2P N00B in /trade and general communal chat areas. As I mentioned previously it is somewhat a cliquey server and on the small side (although thanks to recent free server transfers has got slightly bigger)so in the pre 3.3.0 olden days when you had to rely on your guild or LFG it was rare that you would get some leet speaking unskilled twatend, and if they were very badly behaved, it was more than likely you knew their guild leader and could advise them of the situation. In wrath I admit heroics were a lot easier to zerg through and rinse badges even without the random dungeon finder and your group if shit would all be over soon, unlike the burning crusade days. Doing a heroic was an epic event, took ages to find a tank or healer, and generally wasn't over in 15 minutes. There was crowd control, actual leading of a group and tactics, and sexy voiced eastern European princes with monkeys in bins to show you. The thought of kicking someone after you had got this group together was unheard of and you gritted your teeth through it to get your reward despite aforementioned twatended behaviour. With my only experience of other servers was a brief visit to Bloodhoof on my warlock, which made me miss steamwheedle and realise it was my home, and battlegrounds with annoying Italians, I was scared of this prospect. I do not suffer fools gladly in this game, and as my guild can tell you, although having been trained in the burning crusade in tenacity with pugs, my temper is short. Not with peoples abilities, but with peoples behaviour. I get that not everyone has a gearscore of 6000, or knows their class inside and out and might body pull on the odd occasion, or is temporarily distracted and doesn't heal the tank, or can't aggro more than two mobs to save their (and the rest of the pugs) life. It really doesn't bother me. What bothers me is "gogogogogo tank" "Healer u suck" spam recount, spam recount, spam recount, "lol nub" the thought of having to be in a group with people like that for more than 20 minutes makes me sick. The thought of not having the ability to remove such an offensive and needlessly rude person from my group, or have a limited amount of time to remove this person, from destroying my precious spare leisure time away from work actually makes me feel a bit violent. Our battlegroup Emberstorm has a couple of realms that are offenders of this, mainly Spakkar the leet speaking orb ninja's, and therefore I am welcoming the changes, I have no idea if it will work or not and change peoples behaviours so I will have to wait and see, and I can only hope for those rare occasions when I see I have an entire SWC pug, and everyone relaxes and talks to one another.


  1. What also bothers me with PuG is being told that it is my fault we die when healing, as this Tank is IMBA, IMBA my ass, yes, he has a lovley gearscore (this also sucks nuts) of 5.1k, but it is ungemmed, unenchanted and his spec suck ass, no he is not IMBA, he has some nice gear and has treated it like crap, plus, he tanks ICC 25 every week? I think not, unless he has 3 dedicated healers on him at all times. RANT OVER, NON SWC PUGS SUCK

  2. ready for part 2???

    No TANK, you don't need to SPEED IT UP, you need to slow it down, i can't heal on the move, and no, my hands are not down my pants, just because i am a Belf, does not mean i am a 14yr old perv who secretly undresses my toon so i can watch her do the 'dance', if, TANK, you bothered to slow down you would notice there was a slowing Debuff here, YOU FUCKING WANKER!!!