Monday, 28 June 2010

Raffles International.........THIS IS YOUR LIFE

If I ever were to be interviewed in a this is your life style way, it would have to be by the "WE ASK THE QUESTIONS!!!" Stotts (above). I have decided to give you a brief Raffles history today in line with some up and coming blog posts. After the fall of our old guild “Unspeakable Villainy” or rather when Esme couldn’t be arsed to play anymore and didn’t promote any officers to take over, we were left without a home. It was towards the middle of the end of TBC and our guild was mainly a heavy RP guild and raiding was on everyone’s minds. The guild was a good place to be and we were quite frankly, SCARED about where to go. The sister raiding guild "Unspeakable Destiny" (LOL I KNOW RITE) we were not inclined to go for various yiffing reasons, so after days of being the only members online me and two ex UV members created Raffles International. It was a momentous day, that day being 17th October 2008, filled with dreams and ideas of finally doing things our way, seeing end game content, being officers and leaders, it was magical. But we had to hurry to get signatures as that day is my dad's birthday, and my mum had put a spread on. We kept alts in UV so we could entice the few and far between members to come over to Raffles where the grass was greener and slightly raider but still crude and abusive. It worked; we had a large base for a new guild within the first few days. Jeb's bank guild "Raffles Industries" on the alliance is run by a gnome called Raffles, who I believe was banned for a day for fucking up the auction house economics and making too much gold. We had a spate of time where we played on alliance and we found a home in that guild. It was really only ever us three with the odd persons alt every now and again. So when we decided to make our new horde guild we thought that Raffles making an international franchise would be the best way to go. I have a few rl mates in Raffles, I met my boyfriend of now 18 months in the guild (although a stupid amount of drama surrounded that, to which I am now known as the Cindy Beale Resto Shaman Lover in my officer note). The Co founding member Jebarus is a very close and very dear friend the basis of this was solely from our goings on from the guild. Now new members have become good friends, some of which I would consider very good friends and who I contact regularly on a daily basis via other mediums such as skype, facebook, and mobile phone. There really isn't a day goes by when I don't have a retarded text conversation about how life and warcraft combined could work with Jebarus, or a chat on facey about something with Marge and Danika or Ren.

Raffles rules are very far and few between. Mainly we want to have a laugh, with mates, like you would down the pub. Although we hold some of the server’s most skilled and best geared people, we are idiots and we are shit and as Jebs once said "RAFFLES ISN’T ABOUT RAIDING IT IS ABOUT NOT BEING A CUNT." So talking shop, which I guess a lot of other guilds do, is really limited and talking about how some people are actually men and not women for 2 hours, and Marges and V’s disgusting sex life is the preferred topics of conversation. I really love my guild, and therefore over the coming weeks, I will be doing additional posts in between my usual posts about my top 20 favourite moments in Raffles history, complete with screen shots.

Raffles about to murder some soon to be one armed idiot

1. Saurfang Rituals and why Jebs screams DEY COT MY EYE OOT
2. Garatiphoar and Xiola Base jumping off of Borean Tundras answer to Beachy Head and then Garatiphoar and Xiola base jumping off Thoriums mountain
3. Raffles various TV show and films made for TV ideas - UCWS (underwater warlock squad) Transexuals in Transborea, Dalaran news,
4. That Time that Clethllan griefed a fountain all day till I got home from work
5. My Top 5 comedy Camp bosses and our various adventures just to visit them
6. W H Smiths Dalaran
7. Why people think it is funny to make tits and the word LOL out of items in the gbank
8. Xiola’s Sabaton Collection
9. Claudina’s Turban Collection and the time she went to Dalaran University
10. Comedy dramatic Raffles Gquits and Gkicks such as why someone quit over lady gaga
11. Jebarus’s Big Belf Arse
12. Driving round the Barrens pretending to be the Police
13. Gittles Comedy moments, including the time he ate his own family, the time he ran off in Shatrath and the time he ate a rare mob Skepsis’s alt hunter was trying to tame
14. The best Raffles Wipes
15. Comedy Mistells/ or “/2 Trade: Jebarus: I LIKE TO HAVE VIOLENT SEX WITH ROBOTS “oops WC”
16. Comedy moments from Voidwalkers including that time I saw Kalvug fagging in UC alone and that time a mine collapsed on Zagkrit
17. Meddlesome Time travelling dragons and how they ruin my gaming experience
18. Hambeasts, Gaspigs, you stupid fucking Movellans, and other guild “pet names”
19. Raffles travels to old school raids
20. Sex with Robots and why Belf vendors are so abusive “DO NOT LOITER”

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  1. hahaha, our sex life is not disgusting....just eventfull for a married couple