Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Healing ungrateful idiots and now bosses too?

Um, I wasn't aware that Blizzard now required me to not only heal Tanks, DPS that take needless damage by standing in vimto, other healers that have only have eyes for their add on's but now A STUPID DRAGON THAT GOT CAPTURED BY ARTHAS? More fool you Valithria I say, M O R E F O O L Y O U.

Ok, according to wowwiki Valithria Dreamwalker has been available to murder... sorry, heal since February 2010, so I am a bit slow on the uptake. To be fair Raffles had lower spire on farm at this point but were too lazy/disorganised/shit to reach futher into the citadel. Fuck, we were completely flummoxed by the trash Val'kyr Heralds and had to furiously Google their tactics only to come up with nothing (as clearly only noobs need tactics for trash) then having to shamelessly whisper a friend from one of the top raiding guilds for advice. I couldn't see beyond Saurfang, at the very most festerslut at this point, and Velouriah was still running round Tarren Mill dreaming of healing Scarlet Monastery. I don't read tactics of new bosses until a couple of days before we plan to do them, and looking further into the future seems to get my hopes up and depressed, so I just don't bother. I rely on Jebarus to somehow fit into his busy lifestyle of playing WoW for at least 8 hours a day, blogging, and his chosen career of meeting the UK's underworld on a daily basis, whilst frequenting London’s hottest (see popstars near central point) clubs each night to memorise the tactics. That or ask my boyfriend Malkier during the fight over skype whilst alt tabbing to facebook "er what the hell is going on here?" So when we strolled up to Dreamwalker, I was a bit shocked. I HAD TO HEAL A STUPID (probably meddlesome timetravelling one as they all are) DRAGON IN ORDER TO COMPLETE THE ENCOUNTER.

Previous to this Raffles killed Rotface for the first time. I take Xiola out to ICC progress, but for some reason unknown, one of our healers was absent. We tried with just Jebarus and Foxy, but it wasn't working. Raffles + moving + slime + awful professor Farnsworth impressions were distracting. I want Xiola to have all ICC bosses down, so in a petulant manner I went and got Velouriah. We did it first time with her, it was pretty easy to heal as long as I stood under Rotfaces foot and used my priestly AOE goodness. It was a raffles miracle tbh. My take to raid leading is SCREW RAID MECHANICS AND COMPOSITION LETS JUST GIVE IT A BASH. (see below my successful effort in a 3 class trip to VoA containing a raid of only Priests Paladins and Warlocks) But it doesn't always work out like that.

Before Dreamwalker is another novelty, A FREE FROSTIE BOSS! Well this was encouraging for Raffles, Rotface down, free frosite, and a boss we didn't actually have to damage. What could go wrong? Loads apparently. We get inside her room and all that is protecting this sleeping meddlesome idiot is a few mini litches and some blue shit. Awesome we say. Not so awesome. The healing her part was pretty easy for me though. Stick a renew on her, and Guardian Spirit, I have Glyph of Guardian Spirit, and a few flash heals every now and again. The issue was this, a load of what seemed to be untauntable mobs (untauntable as no tank was removing them) rushing towards my body, which might I remind you is covered in garments that may as well be made out of jiffy cloths. Ghunana and Anivia were off through some dream portal or attacking something else and the DPS were running round like headless chickens. I don't know if the fact that this boss is for healing and not damaging made them think "oooh lovely just attack a few adds every now and again and we will be fine, I can probs even alt tab to facebook." NO YOU ARE WRONG. After several attempts we called it a night. I am looking forward to giving her another bash this week, as we extended the raid lock out (!) and then having the knowledge that my awesome heals actually did the encounter.


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