Monday, 14 June 2010

4 Reason why Raffles will excel in Cata

I love my guild. I really do. I am sure a lot of people will agree that their guild mates, people you spend A LOT of time with have become close friends, almost like family. After a mainly guild PuG for ICC 25 man that didn't even get off the ground due to some awesome guild camaraderie and this post at got me thinking about how awesome my guild really are. Last night my boyfriend Malkier/Anivia/Skepsis (he has many alts) decided after our frankly shocking train ride across country for close to 4 hours we should partake in some mob mentality on a larger scale and murder marrowgar. We had a strong guild presence for a Sunday evening, and decided to pug the remaining 8 or so. I was herbing round Howling Fjord and awaiting my summon, so I wasn't hanging in Dalaran or in the citadel. One of the pug people said "someone here only has a gearscore of 3.5k" straight away this got my guilds backs up as Raffles do not, in anyway, endorse that add on. I bloody love gearscore myself and tried to play without it but just missed it so much so got the lite version instead, in the Skill vs Gearscore debate I am in strong favour of skill > gear and never judge anyone on their score, I just like knowing that I am deep red in score and some people who think they would do better outside my guild and left in a strop are in orange level of gearscore. So straight away I said "So fucking what?" I have successfully taken 10 people up to and including saurfang with gearscore lower than 4k, so with 25 other players and the 20% buff, I couldn't see a problem. He was from the guild, it was an alt, he is more than competent so clearly our decision to take him should have been taken into consideration. The bloke was wrong anyway it was 4.5k, but it descended into chaos. The pug people then became annoyed at the way we didn't care about gearscore and all jumped on this elitist idiot swearing and shouting and defending our guildie. I could see it now, if someone is moaning about gearscore whilst I am still herbing in the howling fjord just wait till someone fucks up a pull, or dies, or we wipe on gunship the shouting and l2pnub and general blood boiling behaviour from others. No thanks, not tonight. Also the lol count was up to about 15. Jebarus said lets fuck off and do a guild run and leave these dickheads behind. So we disbanded and did 10 man instead.

I could do an endless post on my favourite Raffles moments. I think I might do that on another post. My most recent moment in that list is Raffles doing a gay pride march in front of Saurfang (see below) I am more than confident on how we will perform despite variety of shitness and pure useless skills such as organising a slow walk on our mounts in front of Saurfang doing a gay pride march, as the Cata changes seem to all point in our favour....

Item 1: Guild leveling

Guilds will gain experience when their members participate in the following, rated battleground wins, dungeon or raid boss kills, completing quests unlocking guild achievements, Max level will be 25 and each time a guild levels, it will automatically get perks. Previously these perks would be chosen with talents.

OK So, rated Battlegrounds. We have 3 dedicated PvP'ers and a few others who do it regularly, Wormwormer with over 100,000 kills Dakey has over 35,000 kills on his paladin alone and Barney with 88,000 kills as from tonight (or so he says). Raffles therefore will ownage this part of the guild levelling.

Dungeon or raid boss kills. We raid regularly, although progression isn't our strong point we are tenacious, and grind heroics like no bodies business, currently we are 34th on SWC, which isn't bad considering.

Completing Quests. Raffles is full of alts. I have 3, which is considered a
small amount in Raffles. Jebarus has 6 that are well geared and can do ICC and 3 others around the 70 mark. My boyfriend has 4 that are ICC ready and Malk has about 2 minutes played time levels 1-79. Everyone else has about 3 or 4, I can't really think of anyone who only has a main. However, no one, but NO ONE can beat Ama. Ama has an add on that lets him run 5 accounts at once, 5 accounts of which is full of alts. That is 50 alts. We couldn't even take the amount of alts so he made his own guild called "amas stupid fucking alts guild" or something. THEREFORE THIS LEADS ME TO BELIEVE THAT DUE TO THE STUPID AMOUNT OF ALTS THAT EVERYONE IS PRETTY GOOD AT QUESTING.

Item 2: Guild reputation

You will gain reputation with your guild the same way you help the guild level. The reputation is per character and not account-wide. Gkicks and gquits do not wipe your reputation right away, just in case it was a joke.

I must admit that my confidence has wavered here and that is because of Comedy Gkicks. Our retention ratio is high. Employee turnover is low, generally once we hook them in they don't leave. So on that basis it looks good. Our comedic gkicks and gquits however are high. So high that once I believe our resident essex boy Memphoz got record gkicked 18 times in a row. If there isn't enough drama in the guild Mashman will gquit, he did it last night, and I actually forgot about him till he whispered "er can i come back please?" No more comedy gquits. Sometimes when the guild is bored they will push me by saying lol over and over till I kick everyone, or to relieve the boredom the next person who gets a stupid achievement gets kicked. It was fucking hilarious, will we stop? Depending on the gkick/quit timer I am guessing not.

Item 3: Guild achievements

Guild achievements are by guild, not by member. Raid achievements don't have to be earned by groups made up of only guildies. But you have to have at least 7 guildies in 10-man achievements and 20 guildies in 25-man achievements.

As Danika said last night "I DON'T LIKE THESE STRANGERS" and our limited tolerance for pugs, Raffles will excel at this.

Item 4: Guild rewards

Rewards will be unlocked when guilds earn achievements. Once unlocked, guild members can purchase them with gold as long as they have the appropriate Guild Reputation. The rewards will include: mounts with flags that display the guild tabard emblem, heirlooms, tabards


Although we hold some of the servers most skilled and best geared people, we are idiots and we are shit and people know it, but these changes as i have just shown are going to show the server just how awesome a bunch of idiot wipe artists we really are. I want to get that server first, and I think we are pretty capable.


  1. Oh we will so rule in all these areas!! after attending several 25mans this week, and failed, badly, and having been on another guilds vent, i don;t ever want to do anything out of guild again, they scare me, i like the warmth and humour of family

  2. ahhh I so agree, Raffles is like a warm shitty family blanket that often abuses and bullies you, but at the end of the day loves you and will always be there for you

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