Thursday, 27 May 2010

Storming the Citadel

So this is my first post. I am going to tell you about last night. Last night was a quiet night for raid reset day so after much scraping around and pleading my guild not to make me PuG a DPS for our weekly visit to the lower spire we rounded up a load of alts and inexperienced players with the sole purpose to twat Marrowgar in the face and not expect much else. This has been in fact my third visit to the lower spire as a raid healer, but as per with Raffles we do a lot of swapping about during raids as due to our casual approach raid composit is never quite right, had not done Saurfang, or Salty Anus as we fondly refer to him. Despite always maintaining a cool demeanour about loot and rolls in front of guild mates and officers (which include my boyfriend and some RL mates) last week I had to sub out for my hunter as we just didn't have the ranged dps for it and missed out on a bit of loot for Velo (Mag'hari Chieftain's Staff) and it pissed me off. Massively. So this week I was quite focused on getting to Saurfang of the hopes of upgrading my Illumination. So we headed off to Marrowgar.

Our Resto Shammy Mashman and myself were healing alongside with our main tank Ghunana the Banana and our co-main tank Anivia's new alt prot pally Malkier. Our DPS wasn't great, and we were missing our main healer Jebarus as he decided to go to the pub instead. We trounced Marrowgar, and I mean we utterly kicked his stupid four faces in. Raffles often have issues around mobile fights, meaning we either run around screaming swearing shouting in caps directly into the fire/coldflame/purple vimto/balls moving violently towards you or just stand there until myself or Jebs spam raid warnings shouting MOVE OUT THE FUCKING WAY YOU STUPID MOVELLAN. I am just as bad, especially in this fight as a hunter I always had to stand at the back waaaaay outside the hitbox and strafeing out of the coldflame is not my strong point so I pretty much rely on Jeb so spam heal me. Jeb wasn't there, Mash might have been mashed and I was the only other healer. What if one of us was spiked? Our warlock Danika, not famed for her ability to understand raid mechanics, didn't get it down in time? What if I stood in the cold flame during the bonestorm not noticing over my spamming prayer of healing and circle of healing and blindly dropping renew on randoms in the vain hope we could survive? We did and I owned with some 3.5k heals and 42% of the healing. Something takes over when you are a healer I have noticed. You sort of, pay attention, you realise you have got a job to do, PEOPLE ALBEIT BLOODY IDIOTS WHO DON'T REALLY CARE ARE RELYING ON YOU TO KEEP THEM FROM GETTING MURDERED. We one shotted his four faces in and moved on to Lady Deathshit, where again we one shotted the bitch. It was all going swimmingly.

Now, as I mentioned earlier mobile fights and raffles are bad news. My officer Ghunana asked the other day why, when for most people the Gunship Battle is like free loot and badges for every other raid group, Raffles always wipe at least twice. My response was this.

Danika hadn't done the event before, and I didn't have my usual jetpack team so after explaining tactics and going over who our jet pack team was we shoved off into the inevitable wipefest. First attempt with me staying on the hammer and Mash on the jetpack team Ghunana got battered by Bronzebeard and no amount of HoT's or shields could keep him up. I believe that some of my jetpack team also thought it be a good idea to hit bronzebeard instead of the mage but have all denied such activities since. Second go, Mash and me both got twatted quickly so we wiped again. Third time lucky and I decided to jump over with the jetpack team and it worked a trick, until I took my eyes off my healbot and got shot in my face by some idiot rifleman with a vendetta of all those times I killed the same one over and over on my hunter, looked back, went to press desperate prayer a nano second too late only to see hand of protection on me right at the last second thanks to Malkier who whispered "I GOT YOUR BACK BABE." In a topgun 80's type fashion.

Officer channel were all pretty much decided to call it there it being 12 server time, the slightly disheartening events of the gunship and due to the lack of ranged dps, being our night time mage Ferizior and Danika. With my eyes on the prize and after 4 shock exits from the guild during the raid, I said "oh go on one more try." One try can never hurt. I positioned Danika to the left of me and Feri to the right with me and mash centre of our mele centric raid. The first bloodbeasts came out, and I threw a shield, renew and PoM on Danika then Ferizior they did not go down fast and I could see his blood power grow level with his health. My trusty macro of DPS DOWN THE BLOODBEASTS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! would come into play at this point, you'd think such things wouldn't be needed with things like DMB being a raid prerequisite but no, these macros are needed. The plan was to let the mark of the fallen champion to die, but me and Mash healed through, it was a frantic fight making sure the only two ranged were healed throughout soloing their bloodbeasts with the odd chain of frost from our DK Iggles, it started getting hairy, the old shadowfiend made an appearance, in a vain effort to keep Ghunana up the melee guys up I missed Danika and watched her get munched by a bloodbeast at 10% to go, i shouted "GET READY TO TAKE TWO ON FERI MATE" and he did take two on with a shit load of spam healing on him, prayer of mending was my friend and they went down. Then Salty Anus Saurfang went down. I have never felt so much relief in my WoW healing career. I got the achievement I should have got three weeks ago. The staff didn't drop but I really didn't care, I was so proud of my bunch of wipe artists.

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